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Introduction of the ACC Facilities

Introduction of the ACC Facilities
Institution Facilities Description
Cultural Exchange Agency The May 18 Memorial Hall Consists of various spaces including an exhibition hall, a resources center, and a confere nce room, all representing the ideals of democracy, human rights, and peace.
Asian Cultural Exchange Center Supervises the ACC’s cultural exchange functions, including visitor’s center and online services.
Business Strategy Center Manages Profit-generating businesses of cultural contents produced by the ACC, and pr ovides business strategies.
Asian Culture Information Agency Asian Culture Research Institute Provides source materials for the arts and the cultural industry upon research on Asian cultures by regions and themes. Supports productions of cultural maps of Asian food, color, religion, etc.
Asian Cultural Resource Center Conducts collection, classification, preservation, and archiving of Asian cultural resources. Operates an open library(Library Park) for the citizens’ as well as professionals’ convenience.
Asian culture Academy Conducts Training for experts in Asian cultures and provides cultural education for the public.
Cultural Promotion Agency Cultural Contents Development Center Provides facility support for the planning and creation of cultural contents.
Cultural Contents Production Center Provides production support to translate creative ideas into cultural contents using the up-to-up-date digital technologies and equipment.
Multi-Functional Exhibition Hall Consists of a multi-functional space for permanent and special exhibitions of the arts an dcultural contents produced by Cultural Contents Development and Production Centers. Also operates a ubiquitous user experience center.
Asian Arts Theatre Grand Performance Hall A 2000-seat hybrid theater with cutting-edge technologies enabling the multi-division of the space.A “factory shop” – type art complex where the production, performance, distri bution and sales of Asian performing arts are taking place year-round.
Multi-Functional Auditorium A 500-seat multi-functional theater with a proscenium stage, accommodating most of the existing genres.
Agency of Culture for Children Art-Culture Contents Development Center Plans and develops art-culture contents that enable learning of the fundamental principles of knowledge through aesthetic experiences.
Children’s Art-Culture Museum Helps children learn the fundamentals of languages, mathematics, social sciences, natura l sciences, and arts through exhibitions and diverse hands-on activities in an educational museum.
Others Sangmoo Hall
The May 18 Democracy Square
Asian Culture Plaza