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Asia Culture Center

Cultural Spaces across the World, created through Joint Efforts with Asian Countries

The Asia Culture Center consists of ACC Culture Exchange, ACC Archive & Research, ACC Creation, ACC Theater, and ACC Children. Asia Culture Center facilitates cultural exchanges with Asian countries and collects cultural resources and research across the region. The ACC is a large-scale cultural complex with a system for distributing completed cultural products across the world beyond Asia and presenting newly created/produced cultural content through exhibitions and performances at the Center.


Culture Factory for Various Cultures

In the Asia Culture Center, national and international artists are gathered together to create cultural contents not only for the Center, as audiences can also join in the new cultural content creation process as well as enjoy existing cultural programs. It will be the world’s first integrated culture factory for data collection, research, development, education, creation, art performance, exhibition, library service, and residence.


Forest of Light

The Asia Culture Center was built on historically significant ground of the former Provincial Office symbolizing the May 18 Democratic Uprising. The existing 4 story building aboveground was renovated in respect of heritage preservation and an additional 4 story building has been built below ground level. Additionally, a forest-like park can be found on the rooftop of this new building. The lightwell on the ceiling allows natural sunlight to illuminate the building during daytime, which allows even those buildings underground to feel as if they were constructed on ground level. During the nighttime, the lightwell will shoot light beams towards the sky, creating a scenic view.