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  • The Head
    (Assistant Minister)
    • Culture City Policy Division
      • Establish, cooredinate and execute master plan for creation of the Hub City of Asian Culture
      • Prepare and submit report to the National Assembly
      • Discuss with ministries on related issues
      • Support Committee for the Hub City of Asian Culture
      • Culture City Development Division
        • Develop content for culture city
        • Train for professionals
        • Research on Asian Culture
        • Support inducement efforts to attract privately financed development and investment in investment promotion zone
        • Provide public cultural education program
        • Develop and expand human resources for creation of culture city
    • Asian Culture Complex Planning Division
      • Establish and execute operation plan for the Asian Culture Complex(ACC)
      • Train professionals in arts and in arts and culture field
      • Establish and execute nearly execution plan for construction of the ACC
      • Culture Complex Facility Division
        • Establish construction plan for the ACC
        • Design, install, manage and supervise facilities, including stage, sound, video, machine, electicity and communication in the ACC
        • Plan, design and build integrated management system for the ACC
        • Establish maintenace plan for the ACC
      • Asian Culture Complex Operational Cooperation Team
        • Cooperate with international / national organizations in operation of the ACC
        • Establish and execute international cooperation and exchanges in operation of the ACC
        • Promote cooperation among artists and professionals in arts and culture field
        • Establish and execute PR plan to publicize creation of the ACC